La Soppressata di Gioi

Soppressata di Gioi, a slow food presidium,
consisting of a rather fine, totally lean filling,
centrally bearing a strip of lard.
For its production we use only ham,
cleansed of all cartilages and nerves.
The dough, seasoned with salt and pepper, shaped by hand,
it is introduced into natural casing.
It is prepared in pieces which, when seasoned, weigh about 260 g.
The pigs used are raised in a natural way,
with a local origin.

Il Capicollo

The Capicollo, is obtained from the muscle masses of the neck.
The preparation of the capicollo begins with about three days of salting,
after which it is stuffed, tied and put on the stalls

Le Salsicce stagionate

The sausage is prepared using trimmings of ham and shoulder pulp and is flavored with wild fennel, hot pepper or with garlic and bay leaf liver.
It is stuffed into natural casings and aged for at least a month.

il Guanciale

salame derived from the processing of the cheeks and throat of the pig.
The preparation of the bacon begins with a five-day salting.
It is then flavored with hot pepper and left to mature
for at least three months.

Il Salame

cylindrical in shape, it is prepared using the pork shoulder and the various trimmings
pork processing (ham, capicollo, pancetta),
with the addition of diced lard.
Flavored with sweet chilli and black peppercorns.
It is stuffed into vegetable fiber casings and aged for at least sixty days.

Le Pancette

it is a large cylindrical cured meat which appears spiral in section
thanks to the fact that the bacon is rolled with spices inside.
It has a pinkish-white to red color and a soft consistency.
The typicality and tradition of the product are linked to the particular processing technique,
handed down over time and to the characteristic appearance of the salami.