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A story that tells the desire to rediscover the taste and flavors of the past.
Our company located in Gioi, a small village in the Cilento National Park, is conceived as a small artisan factory;
The processing of cured meats takes place in the traditional way, respecting the processing methods and recipes handed down over the centuries.
The conservation of the products takes place exclusively through the wise and thrifty use of natural preservatives,
such as salt and spices. The quality of our cured meats is also guaranteed by the transformation of meat from pigs reared in a semi-wild state,
coming from the Cilento National Park. All manufacturing processes take place within a modern processing plant
where the ancient processing techniques are combined with the most modern and constant quality controls.
Our products, in fact, have very ancient
: compendio “De Agricoltura pratica” risalente al 1832, di Columella Onorati, alla pagina 162:
“tra le soppressate si lodano molto quelle di Noia, ma eccellenti sono quelle del Cilento, e spezialmente delli Gioi, nel Principato Citra…”